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High-Watt Density Water Heater Element with Universal Flange

The Eastman water heater element is a reliable replacement option designed to match the wattage and voltage of your existing element. Widely compatible with standard water heaters, this high-watt density element features a universal design that fits most major brands. Remember, it's crucial not to exceed the wattage and voltage rating specified on your water heater to ensure safe and efficient operation.

Feature and Benefits:
  • Universal flange mount with gasket.
  • Copper sheath-tinned.
  • Bolt on style water heater element.
  • Used in all replacement situations if the same wattage and voltage are used.
  • Easy to install.
  • Replacement element for water heaters.
  • Most commonly used in standard water heaters.
  • High-Watt density element.

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