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Black Plastic Water Heater Pan with CPVC Fittings

The Eastman water heater drain pans come in various sizes, including 20 in. x 22in. OD, 24 in. x 26 in. OD, 26 in. x 28 in. OD, and 28 in. x 30 in. OD offers reliable protection against potential water heater leaks or runoff. These drain pans are a valuable investment, effectively preventing permanent damage to nearby fixtures and floors when properly installed, ultimately saving significant costs in repairs.

Constructed with high-impact black durable plastic, these drain pans are resistant to rust, corrosion, and cracking, ensuring a long life span. Specifically designed for use with electric water heaters, each drain pan includes a 1in. CPVC drain fitting for easy connection to a drain pipe through a pre-cut side opening. The EastmanĀ® water heater drain pans provide a reliable solution for safeguarding your property from the potential consequences of water heater issues.

Features & Benefits:
  • Black plastic.
  • Use with electric water heaters.
  • Includes CPVC drain fitting.
  • Made-to-Order - Requires 3-day lead time.
  • Minimum order quantity of 10.
  • Used to prevent permanent damage to fixtures and floors caused by water heater leaks and runoffs.
  • Built with durable high-impact plastic.
  • Resists rust, corrosion, and cracking.


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