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PVC Clear Vinyl Tubing - Bulk

The Eastman Clear Vinyl Tubing offers versatile utility across a range of settings, accommodating chemicals, gases, and liquids. Crafted from clear, non-toxic material, it excels in low-pressure applications, though caution is advised against its use as an ice maker supply line due to its maximum working pressure. Approved for various applications, including drainage lines, potable water, beverage dispensing, laboratory tubing, and aquarium tubing, it is resistant to acids, alkalis, a variety of chemicals, gases, and liquids. The tubing's adaptability is further enhanced as it can be easily cut to size, ensuring a tailored fit for diverse project requirements. FDA compliant and suitable for potable water applications, Eastman Clear Vinyl Tubing provides clarity, safety, and flexibility for your tubing needs.

  • Clear, non-toxic material.
  • Great for low-pressure applications.
  • Not recommended for ice makers.
  • Handles a wide variety of chemicals, gases, and liquids.
  • Construction: Polyvinyl Chloride.
  • Pressure Rating: 19 to 55 psi.
  • Maximum Temperature: 170° F.
  • Approvals: FDA compliant material.

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