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1 in. OD Epoxy-Coated Gas Connector - FIP x MIP

The Eastman® Steel-Flex® gas connector is a sturdy and reliable choice, constructed with stainless steel and a yellow epoxy coating. Its deep corrugations provide essential structural support against crushing, kinking, and cracking, while the epoxy coating is built to endure extended exposure to household chemicals and harsh environments. Featuring highly durable zinc-plated steel FIP fittings and CSA certification in both the US and Canada, this connector is versatile, suitable for use as a gas supply line in HVAC applications, water heaters, ranges, and various appliances. It seamlessly works with both propane and natural gas.

  • Yellow epoxy coated stainless steel 304 (ASTM 240)
  • For tankless water heaters with gas ratings up to 290,900 BTUs
  • Provides extra protection from corrosion, household chemicals, and plumbing repair products
  • Gas connector and fittings used for Natural Gas and LP
  • Zinc-Plated Steel S45C Fittings
  • Approved for indoor and outdoor use
  • CSA Certified
  • DuraCoat epoxy coating protects against corrosion, stains, and UV
  • Temperature rating: -20 Degrees F to 150 Degrees F+
  • 100% Leak Tested - Factory tested for peace of mind
  • Certified to: ANSI Z 21.24/CSA 6.10, ANSI Z 21.69/CSA 6.16, ANSI Z 21.75/CSA 6.27, Commonwealth of Massachusetts Board of State Examiners (except 48", 60", 72"), City of New York-MEA #376-92-M

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