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Universal Dishwasher Discharge Hose

The Corrugated PVC Dishwasher Discharge Hose is used to connect the dishwasher to an air gap, it can also connect the dishwasher directly to a food disposer or drain tailpiece. The dishwasher hose features a corrugated hose design with a rubber elbow end that can universally fit 5/8-in, 7/8-in, or 1-in drain outlets. The dishwasher discharge hose has a universal fit designed for use with most brands of dishwashers. 

Built with flexible gray plastic, this hose is equipped with a 90° elbow for a smooth and easy installation. The discharge hose construction prevents kinking and crimping, and is resistant to corrosion and chemicals found in dishwashing detergents and dish-polishing solutions.

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