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Aluminum Water Heater Pan with PVC Fittings

The Eastman water heater drain pans are essential safeguards against potential water heater leaks or runoff, preventing permanent damage to nearby fixtures and floors. These drain pans are available in various sizes such as 20 in., 24 in., 26 in., 28 in., and 30 in. inner diameters with corresponding outer diameters of 22 in., 24 in., 26 in., 28 in., 30 in., and 32 in., respectively, are constructed with durable aluminum to provide extra strength and longevity.

Specifically designed for use with gas water heaters, these drain pans serve as a wise investment, capable of catching any leaks when properly installed. Each pan includes a 1-inch PVC drain fitting, facilitating easy connection to a drain pipe through a pre-cut side opening. This not only ensures effective functionality but also contributes to significant cost savings by averting the need for expensive repairs.

Features & Benefits:
  • Use with electric and gas water heaters.
  • Includes drain fittings.
  • Built with aluminum for extra strength and durability.
  • Prevents damages caused by water heater leaks.
  • Includes 1 in. PVC fitting for drain pipe connection through a pre-cut side opening.
  • Protects nearby fixtures and floors from water runoffs.
  • Inexpensive investment compared to fixing damages.

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