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5/8 in. OD Stainless Steel Gas Connector - MIP x MIP

The Eastman™ 5/8 in. OD gas connector is a reliable solution for connecting gas ranges, boilers, and high-usage appliances to shut-off valves. Crafted from durable stainless steel resistant to corrosion and stains, it's suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Certified for use with most ranges and boilers with gas ratings up to 164,200 BTUs, this connector offers flexibility and peace of mind. CSA certified and temperature-rated from -20 Degrees F to 150 Degrees F+, it meets stringent standards for safety and reliability. Additionally, it's 100% leak tested and certified to ANSI Z 21.24/CSA 6.10, ANSI Z 21.69/CSA 6.16, ANSI Z 21.75/CSA 6.27, Commonwealth of Massachusetts Board of State Examiners, and City of New York-MEA #376-92-M standards, ensuring top-notch quality and reliability.

  • For most ranges and boilers with gas ratings up to 164,200 BTUs.
  • Gas connector and fittings suitable for Natural Gas and Liquid Propane.
  • Stainless steel flexible connectors with deep corrugations enhance flexibility.
  • Easy to install, no special tools required.
  • Temperature rating: -20 Degrees F to 150 Degrees F+.
  • Certified to CSA standards for peace of mind.
  • 100% Leak Tested - Factory tested for reliability.

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